Social media campaign on 3rd June to make the case for school funding


#schoolsjustwannahavefunds because …..

We’d like to do a stunt on social media the week after the Fair Funds for All Schools national day of action on 26 May, to give the campaign a strong online presence in the run up to the election.

We think we have come up with a simple idea which will:

  • Be easy to do and flexible enough for everyone to join in, whether they have school children or not
  • Allow us to highlight a wide range of issues – from the negative impact that cuts are already having, to the positive things that we love and want to protect about our schools
  • Have the ability to go viral

What we want people to do:

We want people to go onto Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and post the comment “#schoolsjustwannahavefunds because…” with an image of their child/ children or themselves holding a piece of paper with a handwritten message that completes the sentence.

For example you could post the comment ‘#schoolsjustwannahavefunds because….’ with a photo your child holding a piece of A4 paper and the message ‘my school has lost 3 TAs in the last year’

Example Messages:

To help below are some examples of the types of messages that people may want to have in the picture. We’d encourage people to go with a message which is personal to them, or specific to their school, but if they are feeling nervous or lazy, they can copy one of our sample messages.

#schoolsjustwannahavefunds because…..

  • My school is one of the most underfunded in the country
    – my school has lost X teachers in the last year
  • I want to be schooled in mainstream education
  • I need a TA to help me learn and I don’t want to leave my school.
  • I deserve a good education
  • I want to learn music and art
  • I don’t want my teachers to be made redundant
  • Children are our future
  • Education is an investment in the future of the country

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